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Laser Dental Treatment in Calgary

The traditional approach to cavity detection has been to use a dental explorer and an x-ray to detect cavities, with this treatment leaving the majority of adults in Calgary with large fillings in their molar teeth.

Now, with laser dental treatment we are able to detect cavities earlier and provide more conservative treatment in downtown Calgary.

How Laser Dental Treatment Works

Dental laser care

Lasers started to have an impact on dental practice in Calgary in the last few years, and lasers are now used in preventive dentistry to detect cavities very early in their development.

Using DIAGNOdent, a low power laser (similar to what reads bar codes), your teeth are scanned with harmless pulses of light that reflect back to a sensor. If a cavity is present in the pits and grooves of your tooth, fluorescent light of a different wavelength is reflected back and this variation is shown on a digital readout.

The major benefit of laser dentistry is that it is able to detect small cavities in the grooves of your teeth before a dental explorer is able to catch on any decay, or before an x-ray can detect any problems.

Microdentistry and Cavity Treatment

Microdentistry is the philosophy and practice of finding and treating dental caries so early that the use of a drill and anesthetics are not necessary. This is accomplished with technologies such as laser dental treatment for early cavity detection, and then air abrasion for the removal of decay.

Air abrasion is a gentle process in which we remove decay by propelling a stream of clean, dry air mixed with tiny abrasive particles onto the surface of your tooth. It is drill-free, needleless and comfortable dentistry that ensures only the damaged areas of your tooth are removed and the healthy areas remain intact.

Finally, a small white, bonded filling can be placed to fill the cavity, producing an aesthetically pleasing and long lasting restoration of your tooth.

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